Our School admits students from all over the country. Students who complete standard seven Primary Education in Tanzania are warmly welcome to apply.

We have application forms which can be downloaded in this website. Application forms are also available at Uru secondary school, Christ the King Cathedral Moshi, Babati Parish office, St. Theresa Parish Arusha, Singida Parish and Msimbazi Center Dar es salaam.

Admission Requirements

A student should fill the forms and submit it to the contacts provided.
We prepares special examination for all applicants which in most cases examinations are done at the places where the forms have been provided by hand.

In order for the applicant to win admission to our school, he/she must score an average of 50% or above for the examination provided by the school.

Applicants who passes this examination, will be notified by letter of congrats together with the Joining Instruction.

Students are admitted on January each year. We recommend that, on the admission date, the student to be brought by the parent/guardian so as to ensure good communication and relationship between parents/guardians and the school.

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